The SOUL tote, supporting PEERS
with Fong Min Liao


The SOUL tote bag was co-designed by Fong Min Liao as part of the 7 women, 7 causes not-for-profit collaboration between DeMellier’s founder Mireia Llusia-Lindh and 6 inspiring women who joined their creative forces to create a capsule collection of 7 tote bags, each one supporting a cause that is very close to their hearts.

Fong Min is a Chinese-American painter known for her bold, organic shapes and beautiful aesthetics inspired by her interest in psychology, emotional intelligence and beauty.

Seeing art as a form of therapy and reflecting on her own mental health journey through her paintings, she supports PEERS, a community-based mental health organization run by and for people with lived experience of mental health conditions. PEERS provide free resources and support to anyone in need, regardless of who they are or what they have experienced.

100% of the profits from the sale of the SOUL tote are donated to PEERS.


About Fong Min Liao

My name is Fong Min Liao and I am an artist who enjoys finding beauty in the most essential and simplest forms.




I've always loved DeMellier as a brand for their designs and aesthetics. Knowing that their sales structure is very much intertwined with giving back through their permanent charity initiative A Bag, A Life touched my heart even more. So when Mireia told me and the other women in NY about the idea to collaborate on a charity initiative to be a force of positive impact and help a cause that was close to my heart, I immediately said yes. I think that in one's life, if one were fortunate enough to be able to give back to society through any means, then one must always seize these opportunities.


Supporting Mental Health

I struggled with my mental health growing up and I have learned many lessons through my own journey of self-healing. Mental health is close to my heart because I understand just how debilitating it can be. It is an internal battle that may not always show on the surface. I'm passionate about learning how to take back one's own power, instead of letting ill thoughts and emotions control your life.




I selected PEERS for their sustainable, intimate and impactful way of operating and providing resources of healing. PEERS is very much community focused and I think that is incredibly important when it comes to empowering people to overcome their mental health struggles. Knowing that they are not alone.

“PEERS is honored and excited to be a recipient of DeMellier’s 7 women, 7 cause collaboration to bring awareness to issues that impact us all. Mental health is often considered a taboo topic, despite being a very common issue. With your support, we can expand our programming to provide more services, more employment and peer professional development to mental health consumers looking to get back into the workforce.”

Bre Williams, PEERS Senior Programs Manager


The SOUL tote 

For me, the word ”SOUL” encompasses the essence of one's being. And I believe that what we think and how we think is the root of it. I selected the white on white colour combination for the purity it symbolizes and the idea of having a clean slate.


The SOUL tote is produced ethically and sustainably. It is made of ivory leather sourced from a leading Italian tannery awarded Gold rating by the European Leather Group and ecru canvas, made in Spain of organic cotton. The SOUL totes are handcrafted in DeMellier’s trusted family-owned factory in South of Spain following the strictest EU regulations.



I chose to photograph the bag by the sea because, for me, going to the beach is synonymous with clearing one's mind. And one of the practices of having a healthy mindset is being able to overcome the turmoil that may be going on mentally.


I am proud to be part of this project because I want to do good and to give back. To provide resources and opportunities to those less fortunate.