The PEACE tote, supporting War Child
with Oumayma Elboumeshouli


The PEACE tote bag was co-designed by Oumayma Elboumeshouli as part of the 7 women, 7 causes not-for-profit collaboration between DeMellier’s founder Mireia Llusia-Lindh and 6 inspiring women who joined their creative forces to create a capsule collection of 7 tote bags, each one supporting a cause that is very close to their hearts.

Oumayma is a Dutch-Moroccan art director, photographer and Vogue contributor based between Amsterdam and Dubai. Using her recognizable photographic style and imaginative use of light, she creates one-of-a-kind visual stories, drawing inspiration from her Arabian heritage and urban surroundings.

Oumayma supports War Child, an international NGO that works to protect and educate hundreds of thousands of children affected by violence and armed conflict in Africa, Europe, Latin America and Asia - and to promote their mental health and psychosocial wellbeing.

100% of the profits from the sale of the PEACE tote are donated to War Child Holland.


About Oumayma Elboumeshouli

My name is Oumayma and I’m an online creative and stylist based between Amsterdam and Dubai.




I had the pleasure to fly out to New York for the launch of DeMellier at Saks Fifth Avenue back in November 2019. It was for me the first time to get to know the brand and Mireia, the founder. I had heard that DeMellier had a strong charitable component before and I think that’s something beautiful. For me being part of something like this truly means a lot. I’m happy I can use my platform to do such good. I didn’t hesitate for a minute when DeMellier asked me to be part of this initiative.


Helping Children in War

I decided to support War Child because I grew up with a lot of kids who survived war at such a young age in their own countries and the stories they were telling me really left a huge impact in my life. Their stories were so heartbreaking and I think every child deserves to be a child and live in peace.



War Child

War Child supports children to keep their hope in the darkest moments in their lives. They inspire children to remember joy, happiness and freedom. They might never be able to take away all the pain but at least the try to create space where children can heal. They believe in the power of listening, empathy and consolation to save children’s lives. War Child works exclusively to improve the resilience and wellbeing of children living with violence and armed conflict. They empower children in everything they do.

Everything they do has a lasting impact and helps children build a better future - both for themselves and their communities. Because no child should be part of war. Ever.

“Over 160 million children worldwide are affected by armed conflict, may be experiencing loneliness, emotional distress, displacement from their homes and schools and a lack of support. With Oumayma and DeMellier’s 7 women, 7 causes initiative, War Child is able to continue to provide lifechanging support to children and their families in some of the most conflict-affected countries in the world. Through this partnership, hundreds of thousands of children have better access to mental health and psychosocial wellbeing, education and protection - and are better able to face an uncertain future.”


The PEACE tote

I chose the word PEACE of course to evoke the amazing work that War Child is carrying, and the olive green colour of the leather details also evoke peace to me in many ways: traditionally green is a colour that’s associated with tranquility and peace, and even more so the olive shade, combined with the calming ecru canvas body of the tote.


The PEACE tote is produced ethically and sustainably. It is made of olive leather sourced from a leading Italian tannery awarded Gold rating by the European Leather Group and ecru canvas, made in Spain of organic cotton. The PEACE totes are handcrafted in DeMellier’s trusted family-owned factory in South of Spain following the strictest EU regulations.



I find peace by the ocean so I decided to shoot my campaign imagery there, in a beautiful spot in Spain.


I find it very important to use my influence and reach on social media to support an important cause. I am so thankful for DeMellier to create this impactful project, where we come together to make an impactful change. It is also amazing to work on a project where you are surrounded by 6 other powerful women who all have a strong message to share.