The LOVE tote, supporting #HashtagLunchbag
with Tania Sarin


The LOVE tote bag was co-designed by Tania Sarin as part of the 7 women, 7 causes not-for-profit collaboration between DeMellier’s founder Mireia Llusia-Lindh and 6 inspiring women who joined their creative forces to create a capsule collection of 7 tote bags, each one supporting a cause that is very close to their hearts.

Tania is an Armenian-American fashion stylist turned digital creator, designer and philanthropist. Understanding the power of community and social media very early on, she infuses her strong sense of style into her daily content and designs, all while supporting charitable causes close to her heart.

Tania supports #HashtagLunchbag, a service movement that makes and distributes free lunches to those who need it most, seeing lunch bags as a vessel to spread love and inspire humanity to reap the benefits of giving back, through the use of social media.

100% of the profits from the sale of the LOVE tote are donated to #HashtagLunchbag.


About Tania Sarin

I am Tania Sarin - Philanthropist. Entrepreneur. Content creator. My foray into fashion began with a career as a stylist and eventually delved into blogging and joining the influencer community. I was born and raised in LA and am a proud Lebanese Armenian. I desire to meld fashion and philanthropy to do good, while looking my best.




I was introduced to DeMellier by Angela Fink, another woman in this incredible project. I resonated with the aspect of giving back in such a wonderful and unique way. I knew this way something I needed to be a part of -- and thankfully I was asked to participate.


Feeding the Hungry

After meeting Ajay, the founder of #HashtagLunchbag, almost two years ago, I knew he was doing great things, and I knew I wanted to be a part of what he was thinking up. I was so grateful to be invited to be a part of this project. I truly connected with what the lunchbag stands for, the tying together of fashion and giving back. I think it is so important to mesh the two, as fashion is nothing without the community that surrounds it. It is our responsibility as influencers to educate others on social issues and set the high standard of giving back to the world we inhabit.




There is simply nothing better than witnessing an act of kindness, one human being compassionate to another, and that is what #hashtaglunchbag is at its core. It is feeding those in need with dignity and the forging of a bond between a giver and a receiver. Connection between people is often lost in our online world, so I always try to promote old-fashioned, one-on-one relationships while giving back. A simple personal interaction can make a big difference in one person’s life, and that positive change can spill over to the entire community.

“We are full of gratitude for DeMellier and Tania for including us in 7 women, 7 causes. Not only are we thankful for the support that will come from this uniquely wonderful endeavor, we are honored to be featured alongside such meaningful global missions, led by such brave and heroic humans. The 7 women who have incorporated these causes into their designs are helping to create a better world through their art, and we couldn't be more excited to learn from them, and the organizations they represent."

Ajay Relan, Founder of #HashtagLunchbag


The LOVE tote 

There’s nothing better than rich, chocolate-brown tones on leather - so easy to wear and to pair with any outfit. So versatile and so chic. A perfect new neutral. This bag is a perfectly classic tote that still makes a statement with the word “love” - and I went with the word “LOVE” because of #HashtagLunchbag’s signature “hashtag heart” logo and their mantra of “love is the answer, no matter the question.” I think that in these unique times, we could all use the message of a bit more love.


The LOVE tote is produced ethically and sustainably. It is made of chocolate brown leather sourced from a leading Italian tannery awarded Gold rating by the European Leather Group and ecru canvas, made in Spain of organic cotton. The LOVE totes are handcrafted in DeMellier’s trusted family-owned factory in South of Spain following the strictest EU regulations.



Sometimes simple is best -- and for this shoot, I wanted the message and story of the bag to be the focus. The tote leaves the shadows of the background - the love, literally and figuratively, shines through. It was important to show off the bag in an elevated and chic way, while also telling the story of how it gives back. It is the perfect meeting of the minds for my brand and DeMellier’s - a match made in fashion heaven.

I am beyond proud to be a part of the 7 women, 7 causes project because I am afforded the opportunity to stand alongside so many powerful women. Women who uplift and inspire me. Truly incredible women. I also could not say no to giving back to those in need in such a compassionate and special way. Life is about love. Love for others, love for yourself. Just love. And that is what the 7 women, 7 causes project inspires.