The LIFE tote, supporting SOS Children’s Villages
with Mireia Llusia-Lindh


The LIFE tote bag was designed by DeMellier’s founder Mireia Llusia-Lindh as part of the 7 women, 7 causes not-for-profit collaboration between herself and 6 inspiring women who joined their creative forces to create a capsule collection of 7 tote bags, each one supporting a cause that is very close to their hearts.

Mireia is the founder and creative director of DeMellier. She created DeMellier with the aim of doing things differently, designing handbags by women for women, handcrafted with integrity and giving back to those less fortunate.

As a mother of three, aunt and godmother, Mireia decided to launch A Bag, A Life, DeMellier’s permanent charity initiative that funds lifesaving vaccines and medical treatments aimed to save the lives of children in need in collaboration with international charity SOS Children’s Villages.

100% of the profits from the sale of the LIFE tote are donated to SOS Children’s Villages.


About Mireia Llusia-Lindh

My name is Mireia Llusia Lindh and I am the founder and creative director of DeMellier. I was born in Barcelona, have lived in Switzerland, the United States and London, which I have called home for the past 20 years. I am very fortunate to be the mother, together with my husband, of three wonderful daughters. I created DeMellier with the aims to be a force of positive influence in the industry, by empowering women, producing with integrity and giving back to those who are less fortunate.

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As someone who was fortunate to have a safe and loving upbringing and receive an education, I feel an obligation to help those who are less fortunate and this is something that is engrained in DeMellier’s DNA. Hence why since our inception for every item we sell we have been funding vaccines and medical treatments aimed to save the lives of children in need through our permanent charity initiative A Bag, A Life. I’m always thinking though of ways of how we can do more and try to be a force of positive influence so I thought about getting together with 6 other great creative minds and join forces to raise awareness and funds for 7 amazing causes. I wanted to do it with 6 other women who I knew and who shared our values, and it has been such a pleasure to work with Angela, Christie, Fong Min, Natasha, Oumayma and Tania.


Saving Children’s Lives

As a mother, aunt and godmother, I struggle to come to terms with the endless void that the loss of a child creates. Some of us are incredibly lucky to have been born or raised in countries where we get the best available medical care. Millions of children don't have the same luck and are dying from preventable diseases at a terrifying rate and so when I launched DeMellier I wanted to do something about it and decided to launch A Bag, A Life, a charity initiative through which for every item you purchase, DeMellier funds lifesaving vaccines and medical treatments aimed to save the life of a child in need, in collaboration with international children's charity SOS Children's Villages and local vaccine providers. And so as part of the 7 women 7 causes project with the LIFE tote I will continue to help save the lives of children in need.



SOS Children’s Villages

We have collaborated with SOS Children’s Villages since we launched the brand and A Bag, A Life and they’re such an amazing organization, of course via the work they carry in their Villages, helping all children grow with the love and support of a family, but also as a team, so wonderfully dedicated to their work. So it was only natural that with the LIFE tote I would continue to support them and the very important work they do to make the world a better place for every child.

“Everyone at SOS Children’s Villages UK is so delighted to be working with Mireia at DeMellier on the 7 women, 7 causes project. It is partnerships like these with companies that share our values which allow us to really push for lasting change for some of the world’s most vulnerable children.”


The LIFE tote 

Supporting SOS Children’s Villages for me is about providing every child with the chance to grow up in a safe and loving environment, and giving them the chance to a more balanced life, which is why I chose the word LIFE to name my tote, also hinting at our permanent initiative A Bag, A Life. The brown tonal shades of the leather and canvas evoke a notion of grounding to me, which is what SOS Children’s Villages offer the children: a sense of grounding and belonging.


The LIFE tote is produced ethically and sustainably. It is made of cognac leather sourced from a leading Italian tannery awarded Gold rating by the European Leather Group and brown canvas, made in Spain of organic cotton. The LIFE totes are handcrafted in DeMellier’s trusted family-owned factory in South of Spain following the strictest EU regulations.



We shot the campaign in a London park not too far from where I live, which feels like home to me. I chose to shoot the campaign with my younger daughter, who playfully accepted to be part of this and play the model with me on this shoot! She represents the children who are helped by SOS Children’s Villages and I hoped to evoke the feeling of safety and warmth that every child should receive within their family, all while having the fundamental right to enjoy childhood, play and smile, even in the most difficult situations.


I’m very proud of the 7 women, 7 causes project because it shows the greatness women can achieve when they get together. It also shows how important it is to bring voices to the table and raise awareness and funds about those causes that are close to our hearts, which can impact so many lives.