The EARTH tote, for No More Plastic
with Angela Fink


The EARTH tote bag was co-designed by Angela Fink as part of the 7 women, 7 causes not-for-profit collaboration between DeMellier’s founder Mireia Llusia-Lindh and 6 inspiring women who joined their creative forces to create a capsule collection of 7 tote bags, each one supporting a cause that is very close to their hearts.

Angela is a creative director and co-founder of LA-based agency Dumont. She styles, models and directs her photoshoots often using raw and spectacular landscapes as background.

Inspired by nature and what the Earth offers, Angela champions environmental protection and fights the use of plastic by supporting No More Plastic, a non-profit Foundation that generates awareness about plastic pollution and supports the development of solutions that will help end the cycle of single-use plastics to reinvent the future of consumption.

100% of the profits from the sale of the EARTH tote are donated to No More Plastic.


About Angela Fink

My name is Angela Fink, a creative director living in Los Angeles, and I run a Dumont, a creative agency with my husband, Kelly Bolton.

Meet Angela @angelafink



DeMellier was a client of our agency, where we created a desert escape lookbook for them. I'm an admirer of DeMellier and their innovative A Bag, A Life permanent charity initiative. For every item you purchase, they fund lifesaving vaccines and treatments for children in need, so when they asked me to be part of such a wonderful project I didn’t hesitate.


Fighting Plastic Pollution

On my adventures, I discovered that there is no corner of the world unaffected by plastic pollution. With a heavy heart, this realization led me on a journey towards reducing plastic waste. As an ambassador for No More Plastic, I create campaigns centered around the effects of plastic pollution and the need for mindful consumption.



No More Plastic

“There is only one ocean that covers our planet. No matter where in the world we live, our future depends on a healthy ocean to preserve life on earth. We are really proud to join our Ambassador Angela Fink and DeMellier on the 7 women, 7 causes project with the EARTH bag they designed together to inspire people to drive positive impact. More than ever we have to aspire to do better. Together, we are the solution.”

Rosalie Mann, Founder of No More Plastic


The EARTH tote

The word EARTH is such a strong word as it's our home. It's where we all live and come together. If we don't have this, all is lost. Our earth gives us life, and in return, we must take care of this majestic place. Just like our many worldly landscapes, the tones are calming and serene and beautifully shaped.


The EARTH tote is produced ethically and sustainably. It is made of tan leather sourced from a leading Italian tannery awarded Gold rating by the European Leather Group and ecru canvas, made in Spain of organic cotton. The EARTH totes are handcrafted in DeMellier’s trusted family-owned factory in South of Spain following the strictest EU regulations.



Shooting this bag surrounded by the water, sky, the untouched ground felt like the perfect landscape for the EARTH bag.


I'm proud to be a part of 7 women, 7 causes because I believe in people coming together to make the world a better place.