The New York Diaries:
with Natalie Lim Suarez

Celebrating the launch of the New York family, we spoke to the talented creative, Natalie Lim Suarez, who shares her passion for New York’s essence and the feeling that anything is possible in this amazing city.

Born to a Chinese mother and Mexican father with Spanish roots, Natalie Lim Suarez moved from Los Angeles to New York when she was 20 and has since called it home. Natalie personifies the multicultural and modern New York woman. She is known for her vibrant eclectic style and has worked as a creative director, writer and model and often joins forces with her sister Dylana. She shares with us her love for New York and how the city inspires her.
What do you love most about NY?

I love the feeling that anything is possible in New York. The possibility for adventure and the possibility for a dream to come true. It's like a huge playground. There's so much inspiration in the air. I love feeling excitement and passion for what the day will bring here.

What do you find most inspiring about this city?

I am inspired by its love for art and diversity. It's architecture, music, and food. Art is everywhere here! With the hustle and bustle, sometimes you just have to stop and find some beauty around you and appreciate it. It's always there.

How do you feel The New York bag reflects the essence of the city?

The New York bag is like a typical go-getters handbag. You can fit everything you need in it. It compliments every single look in my wardrobe. I can take it out on the weekends, or travel the world with it. It's one of those bags you can't live without.

Which New York bag is your favourite?
I love the New York bag in black. It's my "get things done" bag. Maybe I'll toss in my laptop or my camera. It always feels both chic and functional.
Please describe the New York bag in one word.

I love the feeling that anything is possible in New York.

What is your go-to secret place in New York?

Usagi in Dumbo, Brooklyn. It's a little Japanese cafe that is also a bookstore. I love going in there, and getting lost in a book.

If New York City was a song, what would it be?
Ain't no Mountain High Enough by Marvin Gaye. I love how this song is about love, and not being able to part with it. New York City feels like that to me. No matter where you go, or how far away you are from the city, you always crave New York. You want to come back for more.

The New York is one of those bags you can't live without.


Instagram: @natalieoffduty