Lauren McCarthy, Senior Editor, W Magazine

Inside Lauren's DeMellier
Lauren McCarthy

In my DeMellier

My Makeup

My non-negotiables when it comes to makeup are a good concealer, mascara, and brow gel. Since I oversee beauty for the site, I get to try out all the new products on the market, so I'm spoiled and thus, fairly non-monogamous with the brands that I use. I always keep at least two or three lip products in my bag—right now I'm obsessed with Dior's Lip Maximizer, which is a lip plumper and gloss in one. 



My Accessories

I always wear sunglasses when I go outside, even if it's super cloudy out (I know). I recently lost my favourite pair of Garrett Leight frames on a flight, and have since reunited with my first love, the classic Ray-Ban wayfarer. 



My Wallet

I've recently consolidated to a bright yellow Louis Vuitton card holder that I got as a gift when I attended their Cruise show in Rio de Janeiro a few years back. It's small, but holds all the essentials: my license, Metrocard, debit card, work ID, and MoviePass (Yes, I still love watching movies the old-fashioned way!)

My Other Companions

I always have at least one pair of headphones with me, and sometimes two, lest I be stranded on the subway without them—a New Yorker’s greatest fear! And I try to keep gum on me, just so I'm not that girl who always has to ask for a piece from someone else.