Celia Munoz
Founder, La Coqueta


Feeling passionate about what you do is an essential part of your success and ensures you will never give up until you get where you wish to be

About Celia

Celia Munoz is the Founder and Creative Director of La Coqueta, a traditional Spanish childrenswear label based in the UK (and one of Mireia’s favourite children’s brands). Having studied Psychology in Granada and London, Celia worked in retail and headhunting, but it wasn’t until her children were born that she found her true passion and launched La Coqueta In 2013.

La Coqueta has now got 3 stores in the UK and is also sold in Liberty and Harrods as well as their own website which sells worldwide.

And in case if running successfully your own business wasn’t enough, Celia and her husband have 5 children aged between 5 and 10! They live in north London and they travel regularly to her hometown Granada in Spain and Holland where he is from. They also love travelling with their kids to the most untouched parts of the world from Ethiopia to Papua New Guinea, making these trips the most memorable family experiences.


Which DeMellier bags do you treasure?

I am a big lover of satchel bags so inevitably I am drawn to the Mini Venice bag. The design of it is beautiful, simple and you can fit so much in it. I also find it very practical when it comes to running around all day between our stores or taking my children to the park.

What are your work wardrobe gems?

I wouldn’t say I have a particular wardrobe gem! I like to wear different things depending on what I have to do on the day or simply my mood. I work in a very creative environment so there’s no dress code as such, anything is allowed although I like to wear things that are carefully thought through. I can be quite schizophrenic when it comes to dressing and I could go from a very pretty floral midi gown combined with a pair of loafers to jeans, trainers and a Bella Freud jumper. I don’t like to categorise myself when I dress and I love trying new shapes and new colours. It's part of what I do although I do love my trainers and my colourful sunglasses, I have so many of them… Maybe those are my gems!

Which beauty product can't you live without?

My red lipstick, Dragon girl from Nars. I come from a family of women who have always worn a strong red lipstick and I guess I’m that original, I just followed what they did and I love it! I have been wearing red lipstick since I was allowed to and I feel totally undressed without it.

Celia's children
What's your top travel tip?

As I have had five children in six years and they are still quite young, my best travel tip is to ensure that no matter how long your holiday is you travel light. Each one of us only carries one piece of hand luggage for the holiday. I also think it’s a fantastic way to show your children and remind yourself that you just don’t need many material things in your daily life even if you are away for several weeks.


Gaulthier in Soho, my husband and I have had some of the best conversations there and the food is absolutely delicious. I also love the setting, very simple, just like going to somebody’s home…



Le Pavillon de la Reine in Paris, a little understated jewel in Place des Vosges … and a reminder of one of the craziest, happiest, best weekends of my life!



The latest trip we took to Ethiopia visiting the tribes in the Omo River Valley. It is a truly spectacular place to visit not because of the comfort of it but because of the unique human experience and the sense of remoteness you get to encounter as an individual and as a family. There’s something truly unique about going to a place where nearly no tourists go (we didn’t see a single foreigner for a week). You experience the fact that anything that is part of your daily life is totally irrelevant to the people who live there, which is very thought provoking. My husband and I are very much into adventurous travelling and this has truly been one of the most incredible destinations we have been to as a family so far.

What book would you most recommend?

There are so many books I would recommend, there isn’t just one I’m afraid! I particularly love fiction novels written by women and magic realism books written by men. There are two books I have read several times that I absolutely adore “Un Milagro en equilibrio” by Lucia Etxerbarria and “The bad girl” by Mario Vargas Llosa. I also love classics such as “The Red and the black” by Stendhal or “The sorrows of young Werther” by Goethe. I have just finished “Lullaby”, a beautifully written book from Leila Slimani, alarmingly relatable if you are a mother and you have a nanny. I'm currently reading “Nothing to Envy: real lives in North Korea” by Barbara Demick. So again, a little bit like dressing, I’m just a little bit all over the place…it's lovely to get to experience so many different lives, periods and places through books.

What's your top exercise tip?

Alternating my training sessions at The Body Doctor with long very early morning walks with my little sausage dog Fanta in Hampstead heath. These are the only moments I have for myself alone and they help me clear my mind of everything else, no matter how busy I am.

Celia's favourite DeMellier
How did you get to where you are today?

I don’t think there is a single straight forward answer to this. I find there has been an alignment of many factors that have allowed me to get to where I am today. As a person I have always made my own luck despite coming from a very stable family background, I am very ambitious and have always been very persistent knowing that to get anything you wish to get you need to work hard, accept that you may fail and learn from it, trying again to ensure you don’t make the same mistakes twice. For me this has always led me to a satisfactory result. Feeling passionate about what you do is an essential part of your success and you will never give up until you get where you wish to be. I did extensive research before starting La Coqueta (literally 2 years prior to opening my first store in Hampstead) and I quickly understood that there was a demand for the product I wanted to offer. Once I knew that, I worked very hard to offer the best product I could offer which is greatly appreciated by our customers. I always ensure I do my own thing, without looking at others which can be quite distracting and ultimately not good for the end result.

On a personal level I’m equally ambitious if not more, and this to me is the biggest achievement in life. I work very hard for my family to be happy and my husband and children do the same for me. I wouldn’t have been able to create La Coqueta without the support of my husband who does all of the cooking for the family and my fabulous nanny who comes in the afternoons from Monday to Friday so that she can help me with the pick ups at school. This allows me to focus on my work during the day and “play lego” in the afternoons when my children come back home! To me there’s no secret, you need luck and talent but also if you have children, a hell of a lot of help from people you trust around you otherwise things are a lot harder.

If you weren't the founder of La Coqueta, what would you be doing?

I would have been the founder of a different childrenswear brand, offering the same product as La Coqueta trading under a different name. I really can’t think of anything else I’m afraid! I adore what I do and there is always so much more that we can do as a business that I don’t feel the need to think of alternatives.

Finally, tell us something people don't know about you…

When I was 16 I became Spanish champion of TaeKwonDo and I got to train for a short period of time with the national team until I realised that it was a better choice for me to go to University. I had a Korean master and I feel this was a great foundation for discipline and hard work, it provided me with quite a lot of the skills I have today.

A treat for you from La Coqueta...

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