The New York Diaries:
with Christie Tyler

To celebrate the launch of the New York family, we caught up with our dear New Yorker Christie Tyler to find out more about her love for the city, its style and what inspires her most.

Christie Tyler is the epitome of New Yorker style: feminine yet strong, and effortlessly sophisticated. Christie moved to New York when she was 18 and instantly fell in love with the city which she now calls home. She lives in the West Side of Manhattan with her fiancé Adam and their dog Rosie. Some of her favorite pastimes include drinking wine, bike riding (not in that order!), reading, film photography, and flower shopping. Having studied marketing and business, she works on multiple creative avenues from art direction, to consulting, and running her recently launched vintage furniture business @vollective. She finds New York a constant source of inspiration and loves its endless vibrancy.
What do you love most about New York?

In New York there is endless inspiration. My favorite thing to do is people watch, and I recently learned of this word ‘sonder’, which is the ‘realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own.’ That is always the feeling I get when I am outside in the city; it takes you back from your own selfishness and makes you realize that no matter what, the world will keep going. Honestly I find that comforting, especially to know that everyone has hopes and dreams, and in New York what we are all doing is trying our best.

What do you find most inspiring about this city?

Other than that ‘sonder’ feeling, it is also inspiring in the way that you are constantly surrounded by architecture, fashion and food. I guess that is with most cities, but to New York there is a grit that you can’t find elsewhere. People are really and truly themselves. You can feel like you are in Europe in one area and China in the next. That constant surrounding of different cultures is so beautiful. New York is never boring.

In New York there is endless inspiration

How do you feel The New York bag reflects the essence of the city?

The New York bag is stylish, effortless, and practical — all characteristics that fit in a New Yorkers wardrobe. You need to have space and functionality — to me, I cannot go about my day while wearing something fussy. You can fit everything you need whilst looking chic, and that to me makes for the perfect New York bag.

Which New York bag is your favorite?

I love the New York in Off White.

Please describe the New York bag in one word



You can fit everything you need whilst looking chic, and that to me makes for the perfect New York bag.

What is your go-to secret place in New York?

I recently took friends to L’Avenue, which is a beautiful restaurant (the original is in Paris) tucked away on the 9th floor of Saks. None of my friends had been there before — I think it is unassuming because, unless you know where it is, no one will approach a department store looking for a restaurant. Because it is on the 9th floor you get beautiful views of the city. The wine and food are outstanding, and the atmosphere is so cozy, warm, sensual.

If New York City was a song, what would it be?
Hard to Live in the City by Albert Hammond Jr.


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