I have always been a perfectionist and never liked no as an answer, even if it has often meant taking the hardest route. I was born to a businessman father and a creative mother, and spent the first 30 years of my life listening to my business side. When my first daughter was born, I felt a creative urge, something that had always been there without me knowing. I wanted to design but in a new way, create products that women would treasure but that would also empower them and others.

I embarked on a mission to create handbags with no compromises. They had to be modern and of the highest quality but also functional and attainable, as well as socially conscious. So DeMellier was born, named as a tribute to my family’s heritage and the fusion of old and new.

All our handbags are handcrafted in the south of Spain by local artisans using the finest Italian and Spanish materials with meticulous attention to detail.

For every bag purchased we fund a set of lifesaving vaccines and treatments aimed to save the life of a child in need through A Bag, A Life, our permanent charity initiative that is very close to my heart and core to our DNA.

I welcome you to DeMellier, I hope you like our collections and that you’ll join us on this journey of creativity, championing women and giving back.

Mireia Llusia-Lindh

The Founder

Mireia was born in Barcelona and after having lived in a number of different cities she settled in London, which she now calls home. She attended university in Barcelona and Switzerland and received an MBA from Harvard Business School. She further developed her business skills and passion for fashion working as a strategy advisor to numerous consumer and luxury goods firms such as Burberry and LVMH. She is also a mother of 3 and passionate about children, education and championing women.



DeMellier symbolises the mix of old and new, of heritage and modernity. 'De' originates from Mireia's grandmother a descendant of knights, lords and marquesses whose family can be traced back more than 500 years to the south of Spain not far from where DeMellier handbags are crafted today. 'Mellier' comes from Mireia's name of French descent, capturing her modern creative spirit.

Award Winning

DeMellier was named a Brand of Tomorrow by British Luxury Association WALPOLE in 2016 alongside other iconic British brands, recognising its commitment to innovation, craftsmanship and the highest standards of quality. Most recently in 2018 DeMellier won the WALPOLE Emerging Talent award.