Cashmere is a luxurious natural fibre that requires some love and care. If you take care of your DeMellier Cashmere, you can enjoy it for years to come.

Our knitwear collection is made with a rich Italian cashmere yarn composed of 70% recycled cashmere, 25% cashmere, 5% extrafine merino wool. This yarn is good for your skin and the planet as it doesn’t contain plastic derived fibres like polyester and thanks to its recycled component it consumes 50% less energy, 53% less water and generates 58% fewer CO2 emissions than traditional cashmere, making it highly sustainable.

Here are our tips on how to best take care of it.

Washing instructions

Our DeMellier Cashmere pieces are made with natural fibres, which don’t need to be washed as often

  • To keep them fresh we suggest placing them - ideally flat to avoid stretching them- in the open air for an hour or two.
  • If you need to wash them, we recommend dry cleaning or alternatively you can handwash them with cold water using wool detergent and no softener.
  • Do not bleach

Drying & Ironing instructions

  • After washing, please dry the garment flat to prevent it stretching and losing its shape
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Please iron it at low temperature using a soft cloth between the iron and the garment


Because of the soft nature of the cashmere fibres which gives it its incredible softness, it’s possible that some of the cashmere fibres may transfer onto other garments. If so, these can be easily removed with a lint roller or similar.

Our knitwear is made from natural fibers, and depending on use and friction, pilling can appear. Pills are the small fuzzballs that appear on the surface of soft knitwear. This is due to the soft nature of the cashmere yarn and not a quality fault. You can remove any pilling by using a cashmere comb or even better a fabric shaver. Our team highly recommends the Philips Fabric Shaver, which you can find on most online retailers. We have no affiliation with Philips but we have used it over the years and we have found it to be the best in helping maintain your cashmere and wool whether it’s from DeMellier or any other brand.

For all cashmere yarns regardless of the supplier, dark colours such as black are more delicate than other colours. The need for higher dying content in such colours makes the cashmere slightly more prone to pilling. You can enjoy them as much as the other colours, you just need to be aware that they might need to be combed or shaved a bit more often.


Store your DeMellier cashmere piece folded inside a drawer or a shelf. Do not store it hanged to avoid it losing its shape.

We hope your new DeMellier Cashmere brings you joy for years to come.